Since 1987, LiquiForce Services, a PURIS Company, has been maintaining and repairing pipelines for municipal, industrial and governmental clients. In 1993, LiquiForce began utilizing CIPP to repair structural defects in sewer pipelines. For over 34 years, LiquiForce has been providing trenchless rehabilitation services throughout Canada.

LiquiForce is one of Canada’s most experienced trenchless sewer rehabilitation firms. The size of our fleet allows us to effectively complete large projects in a short period of time and provide our customers with the highest quality available in the industry. Our firm has been in operation since 1987 and our services have grown to include many specialized procedures. 

Industry Dedication & Single Source Accountability
LiquiForce champions Single Source Accountability providing our customers with all services and associated materials, equipment, and labor to execute single or multiple projects of varying scope and size.  Our vertical integration and ability to tightly control production and inventory of the liners are significant: increased schedule and cost efficiencies; better quality assuredness and control; greater synergy between design, manufacturing and installation; streamlined resolutions process; and quicker responsiveness.

Markets & Solutions

With offices across Canada, we have the resources to properly serve your underground infrastructure rehabilitation needs in the wastewater, stormwater, airport, and oil & gas markets. Our solutions include lateral lining, mainline CIPP, UV-cured CIPP, geopolymer applications, manhole renewal, and bypass solutions.

Stamford Interceptor Phase II Trunk Sewer

2022 Trenchless Technology Project of the Year
The primary scope of work on this project was to reline 1,560 meters of existing 1050mm diameter sanitary sewer located within an Ontario Power Generation canal along the high traffic Millennium Pedestrian Trail in the City of Niagara Falls. The work involved rehabilitation of 14 sewer segments and manholes. Four sewage pumping stations and local connections discharge in to the Stamford sewer. CCTV was used to identify corrosion in these sections. LiquiForce was responsible for developing and operating a bypass pumping system for these connections. All water used in the cure process was treated to reduce the styrene concentration prior to discharge.

Calgary Sanitary Sewer Lateral

The City of Calgary put together a lateral program to take advantage of the benefits of trenchless technology, including reduced social and environmental costs, reduced inconvenience to residents and local businesses, and a lower cost than traditional dig and replace methods. After working with engineers, This project included approximately 512 laterals. Cleanouts or other private property access was strictly prohibited. PFM (Prep From the Main) technology was built to avoid the use of cleanouts.

Hespeler Trunk Sanitary Sewer

The Hespeler Trunk Sanitary Sewer was constructed in the 1970s and feeds the Hespeler Wastewater Treatment Plant. The sewer lays entirely within Grand River Conservation Authority lands and includes an underwater crossing of the Speed River. This project included 5,000 ft of 24-27 inch diameter vitrified clay sewer main, 11 CIPP inversions ranging in length from 141-686 ft, and 16 manholes varying in depths up to 15 ft. The project included the installation of a bailey bridge for bypass purposes. All construction was completed within 65 working days.

South Service Road (Eastern Interceptor)

This deep sewer (30 feet), rehabilitation consisted of 435m of circular 60” 66” Trunk Sewer on the Eastern Interceptor. This line was suffering from invert damage of the entire length. In one location, localized repairs needed to be performed to stabilize a hole in the invert that was previously identified (3 ft wide x 4 ft long x 4 5 ft deep). The chosen repair method for this pipe was CIPP. Due to the liner weights and thickness, this installation required two OTH CIPP inversions. LiquiForce set up approx. 10,500 ft of 18” HDPE pipe to maintain the flows within the Eastern Interceptor.

Why LiquiForce?

Our unmatched solutions portfolio and level of expertise cannot be found anywhere else.
Our goal is to protect our biggest assets, our people, and our communities, by promoting an injury-free and incident-free workplace.
Our environmentally sustainable trenchless pipeline rehabilitation solutions protect greenspace, prevent harmful runoff, and generate less landfill waste.
We pride ourselves on healthy, partnering relationships with utility owners, consultants, other contractors, and industry organizations.
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