Family of Companies

With the PURIS family of companies, our clients can expect the job to be completed on time and on budget, with flawless execution. We are a premium trenchless service provider focused on delivering exemplary infrastructure solutions. We are constantly reinvesting in our company to optimize our platform and enhance our service offering. We are dedicated to quality to help communities maximize the long-term value of their infrastructure investments.

Inliner Solutions is a leading provider of trenchless water and wastewater system renewal services. From their flagship Inliner® Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) to their glass-reinforced Inliner STX® UV-cured liners and technologies, Inliner Solutions rehabilitates a broad range of gravity and pressure pipeline systems.

IWPC, a Detroit based company, has been in business since 1973. Over the years, they have provided Michigan with an evolving suite of sanitary services as the needs changed. Today, IWPC offers engineering and design services along with a portfolio of trenchless technologies that provide their clients with solutions for sanitary sewers, storm culverts, structures, and other facilities. 

LiquiForce leads the Canadian market in no-dig lateral pipeline rehabilitation. Their state-of-the-art processes significantly reduce pipeline repair time with minimal disruption to the community and decreased cost to the client. LiquiForce’s green, no-dig technology also helps reduce carbon footprints compared to open cut alternatives.

PM Construction, a Houston-based company, performed its first pipe-bursting installation for the City of Houston in 1991. Today, it is the largest pipe-bursting contractor in the country focused on broadening the portfolio of trenchless wastewater and water services to the southeast Texas market and beyond.

Murphy Pipelines is a trenchless utility contractor focused on pressure pipe and potable water applications. Based out of Jacksonville, FL, they brought established British oil and gas rehabilitation technologies to the US. They specialize in HDPE using pre-chlorinated pipe bursting, slip lining, and their CompressionFit technology.


Since 1999, Liner Products has led the way in manufacturing the highest quality CIPP tubes with an unparalleled commitment to the best customer service in the industry. The 120,000 SF facility is capable of producing a wide variety of traditional felt, composite and UV based lining tubes in diameters ranging from 4-120 inch.